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We have the most delicious dishes for you to try

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Food is the main thing in our restaurant. We are responsible for taste and quality, and we are always ready to share it with you

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Grilled cooked beef steak with tomato sauce served on plate.

Creating a new dish is like discovering a new star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
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Our Story

The Story

We cater to everyone’s needs, from beginners to the professional. We have evolved into a well established bar and restaurant and we cater to the whole family and not just the children. We are open, relaxed, sophisticated, friendly, fresh, and we want what’s best for you

This Week

Specials Menu

Citrus Cured Salmon​ With Honey

Salmon / Citrus / Honey / Spice.


Pork Tenderloin In Yogurt

Pork / Tenderloin / Yogurt


Grilled Pork With Lemons

Prok / Lemon / Onions


Roasted Prawns with Coriander

Prawn / Coriander / Spices


Prawn Sausage Cassaoulet

Prawn / Sausage / Tomato


Home - Style 1
Home - Style 1
Home - Style 1

Best Quality Foods

Grilled cooked beef steak with tomato sauce served on plate.
Home - Style 1
Home - Style 1


fresh Foods

Our aim is to create an atmosphere where you can enjoy the best available alcohol, and the finest spirits, combined with the culinary inspiration of French cuisine. We offer a wide selection of Belgian beers, a selection of craft beers, and a selection of wines to take home. Our bartenders can bring you the best of both worlds — the expertise of Belgian craft beers, and the freshness of fine wines.

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Food Variant

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Person Capacity

Your attendant is important for us, RESERVE NOW.

Liza Nixon

We are passionate about our business and we love what we do. We are passionate about hospitality and the importance of it to our local community.

Ramon Tran

We are a friendly bar with a wide selection of delicious cocktails, a cosy ambiance, and quality service.

Avery Wallace

We are a casual, friendly and warm bar. We have our own small patio where you can relax with your drink and watch the world go by.


    Our Menus

    We are located at the end of the road, away from other businesses, on the outskirts of Pembrokeshire.

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    Snacks / Salads / Soups
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    Main Dish

    Steaks / Grills / Pasta
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    Ice Cream / Cake / Pudding


    Reserve A Table

    We believe in hospitality — we treat our guests like family. The first step to take away from the top end of the industry?


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